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Barber Walters Barbershop

What Happened To The Sense of Community?


We want to take you back to an ideal place and time when you’d be able to get all your news from around town in one place, where you’d be able to get plugged into the social scene, talk football and make lifelong friends… All while getting a GREAT haircut. You see, everything in this ideal world connects at the barbershop. The barbershop is where the whole community comes together, it’s the center of that greater social circle of life. And it is not in the past any more. Everything is happening over at Barber Walter's right now. Come on down and pay us a visit.

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Barber Walter's is still fostering that sense of community.

Barber Walter's comes out of a vision about community and what it means to slow down for a moment and enjoy the smaller things in life.

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