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Before Facebook, The Real-Life Social Network Met At The Barbershop


I originally owned and managed a Barbershop in San Francisco.  While out there I was blessed to meet my beautiful wife who is a teacher in Cambridge; originally from Milton, Massachusetts.  Call it serendipity but she just so happened to be out in SF on sabbatical. Long story short, I sold my share of the SF location, we got married, moved back to Massachusetts, bought a home in Wellesley and now, have opened up a new Barbershop and Apothecary in Wellesley! We are both proud members of the Wellesley Merchant's Association and I am a duly proud member of the Dalhousie Masonic Lodge based in Newtonville.

Located in the Beclare building in the Wellesley Square area. From the clean and luxurious haircuts, to the specialty event services, and the apothecary which is run by Walter’s lovely wife Kat - everything was made for you!
          It was made for the community.

Walter was inspired in his philanthropic mission to give back to the community by his grandfather Alonzo Bishop, a farmer and a widower who raised 7 children all by himself, and also by Leo Corcoran, his wife’s grandfather who opened homes for the working poor and veterans.

At Barber Walter's we strive to be a continuance of their efforts.

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