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Meet Our Staff


Cristian is originally from Somerville, Massachusetts, and has always had an interest in the hair game. He attended Boston College, graduating in 2019. During his time there, cutting his roommates' hair, Cristian developed his strong passion for barbering. Now with more than 8 years of experience he takes pleasure in helping all of his clients achieve their hair goals.

Cristian Lopez

Master Barber


Travis is from Springfield, Missouri. Rewind 8 years: he started out in college cutting his friend's hair as a hobby. Now, officially a licensed barber, Travis is excited to join the Barber Walter's crew and bring his skills to the shop and meet the clients.

Travis Dillard

Master Barber


Tim visualized himself as a barber at an early age. After being mentored by an older friend/barber who had passed away, the idea of becoming a barber became much more important to him. Tim has spent more than 20 years working hard at the craft of barbering in Cambridge and brings this same passion, perseverance, and discipline that he was taught to Barber Walter’s to connect, socialize and meet new clients.

Tim Bowen

Master Barber

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